Larken Rose

Monday, January 19, 2004

Spilled Beans, Part II

Dear Subscriber,

I just gave you some idea of how the message with be spread. Now, what is IN the message? There are really two parts to answering this:

1) The INFORMATION the viewer will learn.

2) The MESSAGE around it.

Again, information is worthless if it is not in a message that is understandable, memorable, and compelling to the audience. If they hit "stop" or fall asleep, the information is worthless. So after giving a summary of the information in the thing, I'll mention a few things that I think will make the message actually effective.


The INFORMATION revolves around the "income tax" deception. Coming from me, I doubt that's a surprise to anyone. The thing will give just enough of the "nuts and bolts" of the law to show the audience that there is real substance proving the point. It will be enough that they can understand, accept, and remember the "punchline" of the issue, without getting into every little detail (though it gives people a way to look into such things if they want). But unlike "Theft By Deception," this is NOT just an academic look at the law. It deals with government censorship, inability to answer questions, etc. In short, it reports the facts surrounding the issue better than the media ever has (or ever will). If the media was doing its job, this is what they would have done.

That's the raw info, which by itself doesn't look particularly new or thrilling... which brings me to the MESSAGE:


Millions of dollars have been made on remarkable stupid and/or useless products, because of effective advertising (the MESSAGE). For years now
we've had all the INFORMATION we needed, but no way to effectively deliver it to mainstream America. Again, the message (the "propaganda," though that usually has a negative connotation) is everything. I won't bother explaining everything that's in the presentation, but here are a few things that will make this message far more effective than anything I've seen before (including my own video):

1) It will be 20 to 30 minutes long, to keep it within the attention span of the average viewer. (Even 30 minutes would be pushing our luck, if the content weren't compelling... but it is.)

2) The thing will be available in all sorts of formats (mini-CDs, normal CDs, online, DVD, VHS, etc.), so anyone can view it. (We might even make a
printed version.)

3) Instead of being presented by some uncredentialled nobody (like me), we have a dozen or so CPAs and attorneys explaining things. Credentials mean a whole lot to mainstream America (though they mean almost nothing to me). Having a few former IRS and DOJ officials on the thing helps too.

4) The presentation is narrated (not by me) in a friendly and objective way that won't scare off the viewer (like "evangelization" mode does).

5) The visual (and audio) presentation alone gives the thing credibility. This won't be some over-compressed camcorder shot (with bad audio) of some wacko ranting in his basement. This will be something that you can show anyone you know, without a shred of hesitation or shame.

There's a lot more to it, but that should do for now.

I am convinced that NO ONE will be able to watch this thing, and then say "oh, that's nonsense." (Well, a few people might say that if others are
around, but they won't believe it themselves.) I am also convinced that EVERYONE who watches it will understand that something is "rotten in
Denmark." Just telling the story surrounding this issue makes those running the IRS look as slimy as they are.

I confess, this summary of what's in the message looks pretty bland compared to what the message itself looks like. You'll just have to wait to actually SEE the thing, to really know what we're talking about. It will speak for itself. Hey, at least I'm done taunting and teasing everyone about the thing, without telling them anything about it.


Larken Rose