Larken Rose

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Random Stuff

From: larken@taxableincome.net
Date: 2003/09/04 Thu AM 12:55:02 EDT
To: dkenline@bellsouth.net
Subject: Random Stuff

Dear List Subscriber,

1) I think I will be on Peter's show this coming Friday, the 5th. Okay, I'm
pretty sure, and I don't want to bother explaining why I'm not all the way
sure. Anyway, anything you want to know about the show, including how to
listen online, you can find at http://www.petermacshow.com (last time we had
a nice collection of technical problems, but things should be better this

2) A lot of people ask me if I can recommend a CPA or attorney to help them
deal with the IRS. At the moment, the answer is "no," and probably will be
in the future. While there are several professionals who understand the
issue, I'm not sure if any of them are looking for more work. If I publicly
endorsed someone, they would instantly get several hundred calls. (One
reason I don't recommend anyone is that I don't think anyone has a reliable
way to make the IRS obey the law.)

3) Recently I've seen a significant increase in the number of e-mails I'm
getting from people, asking how they should respond to an IRS letter, or
deal with some action the IRS is taking, etc.

First, I'll respond to the honest people seeking help: I do not and cannot
give advice. As you may have noticed, while the feds have gotten
injunctions against Nite.org, Taxgate.com, and countless others, they do NOT
have one against me. That is because I DO NOT DO "case work"; I do not have
clients; I do not give advice. Not only am I not "authorized" to do that,
but I don't know of any "procedure" that will force the IRS to obey the law
anyway. I believe ENDING the fraud is the only way any of us will really be
safe from the federal extortion racket.

Now I'll respond to the IRS agents PRETENDING to be honest people seeking
help: Get a real job.

4) I am flogging myself for having made even a wild guess at the time when
the "secret weapon" would be completed. As usual, it is taking longer. If
I guess again, I'll probably just have to flog myself again later. However,
next week I'll let people know more about what the project is. For those
who care (and for any federal terrorists listening), the project is beyond
the point where doing anything nasty to me would stop the project. So if I
die in a plane crash in Little Rock, the "secret weapon" will still happen.

5) Hopefully the DVD version of the "Theft By Deception" video should be
available in a month or so. (I'll probably have to flog myself later for
saying that.) And no, that's not the "secret weapon."

6) Nothing much has happened much since the federal Gestapo's little
invasion of my home on May 6th. Our Motion to Quash should be filed soon,
and when it is, it will be publicly posted. There will also be legal action
taken regarding the theft of the videos, copies of the "Taxable Income"
report, and "Theft By Deception" bumper-stickers. (That will NOT be funded
by the "861 Truth Fund.") I'm still not in jail, or charged with anything,
or indicted, or dead.

7) Don't worry if there are stretches when you don't hear from me these
days. There is a lot going on, and it's all good, that will keep me busy.

8) For the record, I am sticking by my prediction that the "income tax"
deception will be toast by April 15th, 2004.


Larken Rose