Larken Rose

Friday, May 16, 2003


From: "larken"
Date: 2003/05/16 Fri PM 03:57:47 EDT
Subject: Focus

First, I can't thank all of you enough for the approximately EIGHT HUNDRED personal e-mails of support we received (after I asked for a show of support to show Tessa, my wife).

Based on some other e-mails I have received recently, I thought I should mention a couple things:

1) Somehow some people seem to have the impression that I was stunned by the raid, that I expected to receive justice from the system, and that I'm now discouraged and depressed. I'm not sure how people got that impression, but the exact opposite is the case. I didn't know WHICH thuggery to expect, but this type of stunt doesn't surprise me at all. (It still annoys me, though.) I was NEVER doing this battle expecting the system to voluntarily provide justice, and I've been saying that for ages. Their invasion of my home has only strengthened my resolve to end this fraud. I may be relatively "quiet" for a while, but it's only because I'm busy working on the next thing. For future reference, if I'm not dead, and the IRS is still in business, then I'm still working to expose the fraud.

2) Several people have generously offered to help with my legal expenses. In part due to the generosity of some attorneys who are helping already for nothing or next to nothing, I expense my expenses to be very low. But there are a couple other factors, too. For example, I refuse to give the feds the satisfaction of knowing they are disabling my efforts, by me using up my time and resources on my own personal case. I've been telling you all that defending yourselves, one by one, from the federal leviathan is an inefficient, ineffective use of our resources. Now I intend to "lead by example." My primary goal is what it always has been: spreading the truth about the income tax until the fraud falls. I will be taking legal steps to minimize their ability to censor me, but protecting my own rump is NOT my focus here. I do not want the dragon to just stop biting me. I want the dragon destroyed. It will happen soon, and we should all be pushing for it as quickly as possible to minimize the number of people terrorized by it in the meantime.

Once again, I will use a military analogy. Every commander knows the tactic of sending forces to a certain place, NOT because that place is important in and of itself, but just to lure the enemy's forces away from what IS important. I intend to defend myself from IRS intimidations and harassments, but NOT at the expense of the real goal: spreading the truth. (In fact, I believe their invasion of my home will actually be a big HELP in showing the public that "something is rotten in Denmark.") While I will be taking some legal action in response to their attempts to terrorize me and my family, I am NOT going to waste all my time trying to sue people. When this "dragon" is gone we will ALL be better off, and THAT has to be the goal for which we are aiming.


Larken Rose

Authority To Carry Firearms

After hearing about the raid on my home, several of you asked me if IRS agents even have any authority to carry firearms. No, they don't. But their lawyers IMAGINE the authority by deciding it's IMPLIED in the ability to make arrests. (What a load of bunk; ANYONE can make an arrest.) I have a FOIA response saying as much.

I doubt they'll care, but I intend to tell the Pennsylvania folks that twelve people were on Pennsylvania state land, driving vehicles containing loaded firearms, and carrying concealed firearms, without a permit. (I, on the other hand, AM legally authorized to carry a concealed firearm in Pennsylvania.)

In case you don't believe me (that they aren't authorized to carry firearms), here's the statute. Notice that "(a)" is about ATF agents, and it DOES say they can carry firearms, and "(b)" is about IRS agents, and it DOESN'T say they can.


Sec. 7608. Authority of internal revenue enforcement officers

(a) Enforcement of subtitle E and other laws pertaining to liquor, tobacco, and firearms

Any investigator, agent, or other internal revenue officer by whatever term designated, whom the Secretary charges with the duty of enforcing any of the criminal, seizure, or forfeiture provisions of subtitle E or of any other law of the United States pertaining to the commodities subject to tax under such subtitle for the enforcement of which the Secretary is responsible may -


(2) execute and serve search warrants and arrest warrants, and serve subpoenas and summonses issued under authority of the United States;

(3) in respect to the performance of such duty, make arrests without warrant for any offense against the United States committed in his presence, or for any felony cognizable under the laws
of the United States if he has reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed, or is committing, such felony; and

(4) in respect to the performance of such duty, make seizures of property subject to forfeiture to the United States.

(b) Enforcement of laws relating to internal revenue other than Subtitle E

(1) Any criminal investigator of the Intelligence Division of the Internal Revenue Service whom the Secretary charges with the duty of enforcing any of the criminal provisions of the internal revenue laws, any other criminal provisions of law relating to internal revenue for the enforcement of which the Secretary is responsible, or any other law for which the Secretary has
delegated investigatory authority to the Internal Revenue Service, is, in the performance of his duties, authorized to perform the functions described in paragraph (2).

(2) The functions authorized under this subsection to be performed by an officer referred to in paragraph (1) are -


(A) to execute and serve search warrants and arrest warrants, and serve subpoenas and summonses issued under authority of the United States;

(B) to make arrests without warrant for any offense against the United States relating to the internal revenue laws committed in his presence, or for any felony cognizable under such laws if he has reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing any such felony; and

(C) to make seizures of property subject to forfeiture under the internal revenue laws.


Incidentally, while a dozen illegally-armed IRS agents were rummaging around my house, I pointed out to the local police officer who was there that every one of them carrying a firearm was in direct violation of Pennsylvania law, as they were not "duly authorized" to carry firearms. He said he didn't want to get into it. Protect and serve, huh?


Larken Rose

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Gene Chapman Asks Larken Rose To Respond To IRS

Gene Chapman requested today that Irwin Schiff, Larken Rose, and perhaps two or three others respond in writing to the first official response that Gene has received from the IRS.

Monday, May 12, 2003

They've Lost Their Marbles

Well, that was interesting. Last Tuesday (May 6th, 2003) I spent eight hours sitting on my living room couch while a dozen or so armed IRS agents rummaged around my house, stole most of my computers and all of my financial records. (I've since gotten some of my stuff back.) They also stole three boxes of “Theft By Deception” videos, and since then told me they don’t intend to give them back. I wasn’t charge with anything, nor were they seizing property to cover any alleged tax liability.

The search warrant was requested by a CID agent, Donald Pearlman, who swore to having “probable cause” to believe that they would find evidence related to certain crimes. After looking up the statutes mentioned (the ones they think I violated), I have concluded that the feds have lost their freaking marbles. The accusations fall into three categories:

1) I didn’t file a tax return that I believed I was required to file (26 USC § 7203), I didn’t pay a tax I believed I owed (26 USC § 7201), and I filed claims that I knew to be incorrect (26 USC § 7206(1) and 18 USC § 287), which must have meant my three claims for refund.

2) I used violence or the threat of bodily harm to try to stop federal employees from administering the tax laws (26 USC § 7212(a)).

3) I conspired to defraud the United States (18 USC § 371). (I'm not sure what the heck they base that one on.)

So exactly what “evidence” did they need a search warrant to get, to demonstrate the alleged crimes? I’ve been TELLING them for five years that I receive significant income, but that I don’t file and don’t pay, and explaining WHY that is the case. John Ashcroft has a signed affidavit from me saying the same things. The IRS also has 1099s for all the income we receive from our transcription business, and correspondence with the IRS shows that they are well aware of our income, which we have never tried to hide. So obviously they didn’t need to invade my home to prove that I have income, or to prove that I don’t pay or file.

For the next “suspected” crime, where I supposedly used violence or threat of bodily harm to stop the feds from administering the tax laws, if you responded with “HUH?!?,” join the crowd. While the feds were rummaging through my stuff, a little chat I had with the head extortionist shed some light on this bizarre accusation: apparently they considered it a THREAT for me to send free videos to IRS agents, and to make it public who I had sent them to. Here is the cover letter that went with most of the videos:


Dear Mr. _________,

The enclosed copy of the video “Theft By Deception” is being sent to you personally as a gift. The video uses the law itself to show that, although the federal income tax is entirely valid and constitutional, the scope of the tax has been grossly misrepresented to the American people, including you. Please see the enclosed letter from a former prosecutor for the U.S. Justice Department if you find this hard to believe.

This letter is not to accuse you of intentionally breaking the law; it is to show you how you have been used in this monumental financial fraud. However, as of today you can no longer claim that you personally were ignorant of the truth on this issue. Your name is being publicly posted at www.theft-by-deception.com to establish on the public record that you have been supplied with this information. Do the right thing.


Larken Rose


Does that look like a THREAT OF BODILY HARM to you?!?! These guys have some serious screws loose. (Talk about paranoid.) Did they need a search warrant to find what we already SENT them? Obviously not. The “fraudulent claim” can only mean my claims for refund (1040X) for 1994, 1995 and 1996, which of course they already have copies of. So what "evidence" did they actually need? NONE.

There is ONE reason they raided my home, and it had NOTHING to do with any “evidence” or any suspicion of a crime. They did it to intimidate and harass me with the hopes of SILENCING me. They all but asked “what do we have to do to shut you up?” No, they didn’t use those exact words, but they might as well have. I told them, in no uncertain terms, that NOTHING will shut me up. Ever. That I will continue to tell the truth, and it will continue to spread, and the fraud will fall, and the IRS will be out of business.

The question now is, who will this terrorist stunt by the IRS work on, and who will it only anger? I’m not going to stop telling the truth. I told them that, while they were being big, tough (inferiority-complex) cowboys in my living room. I expected some ridiculously tyrannical attempts on their part as their grip fails, and this doesn’t surprise me much (though it’s still annoying).

There is something I have been tempted to say for a while, but resisted. In my still somewhat agitated state, I think I will say it, because I think I should, even if some people don’t like it. If you don’t want to do what I did, I don’t blame you. If starting your day by having jack-booted thugs barge into your house is not your thing, that’s understandable. If you choose to file returns and pay money that you KNOW you don’t owe, for fear of the nasty repercussions of OBEYING the law (how sad a statement is that about the country?), even then I sympathize.

But if you know the truth, but choose not to speak it now--while you can--then you are giving your BLESSING to this abomination. You don’t have to yell it from a rooftop, or go “mooning” IRS offices (William Wallace style), but if you know the truth but will not speak it, even if only quietly to friends or family, then what freedom we still have is wasted on you.

If all 2600 of you were in my living room Tuesday morning, it would have
been an interesting thing to watch (and not just because it would be really,
really crowded). There were a few spectators outside, and even that made
the IRS very uneasy. (The IRS agents took to preaching at and threatening
the people who were calmly standing across the street watching.) A dozen
armed IRS agents, worried by five or six unarmed, calm spectators. Hmmm.

Defense lawyers will suggest that what I should do now is shut up, lay low,
and be very cautious what I say as I wait to see if an indictment shows up
against me. If my goal was my own personal defense, that would be very good
advice. But my goal is defending YOU, the 2600 of you reading this and the
280,000,000 others who have no idea that this is even happening. I won’t
shut up. Ever.

I know that this Gestapo trick du jour will scare some of you. I also know
it will make many of you even MORE angry and determined to end this. (I
wish this country was populated entirely by the second category, but I know
it’s not.)

Anyway, I'll give you more info soon, but I thought I should quick get at
least this message out to you, now that I have access to the list again (for
the first time since Monday morning). It was a nice stunt, but it won't do
them a bit of good.


Larken Rose

(P.S. While picking up some of my stuff in Philadelphia this morning, one of
the thieves asked me if I had a million dollars buried in my back yard, or a
mattress or something. They just can't handle the fact that everything I do
has been open and honest. Now that they stole my financial stuff, they KNOW
there is nothing suspicious or hidden there, so they're just making stuff
up. This was an unreasonable search and seizure if ever there was one, and
I don't intend to forgive and forget.)

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Larken Rose Raided By Armed IRS Agents

Last Tuesday at 10:00 AM a dozen armed IRS agents raided my home, confiscated my computers, stole three boxes of Theft-By-Deception videos, which they have since said they do not intend to return, stole all of my financial records. They weren't there to arrest me. They weren't there to charge me with anything. It was supposedly a search warrant. For what?

It's the same thing as before. Searching for evidence to back up an absolutely fabricated accusation. Their line of questioning made it obvious that my sin, my crime, is speaking my mind on my website and on my video. Both of which make it quite clear that I'm not telling people what to do. And that I don't want people taking my word for it, they should ask the IRS as I've been telling them to do.

From radio interview with Dave Champion. Thank you Dave Toney for posting the interview for everyone to hear.